How to Write an Effective Marketing Plan

Marketing Book

Learn how to write a successful marketing plan.


If businesses want the best results from their marketing activity, then a well thought through plan with focused actions is the only option. But planning takes time and not all businesses have it. This book, aimed at people who wish to manage their own marketing, provides advice and guidance on how you can get clarity on what you want to achieve and then build a range of tasks that will enable you to achieve it.

This is written by our own Managing Director, Lindsay Woodward, who has worked in marketing for nearly 20 years. She's a Chartered Marketer, a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, and has a wealth of training and experience across the full marketing mix. She has mainly worked with small businesses and therefore understands the difficulties they face in terms of limited resources. This book utilises her experience to offer tips that work around the restrictions of small businesses, changing the focus from doing lots of activities to doing the right activities.

This easy to digest, step by step guide could transform the way you market your business. The changes you make up front will only be small, but the long term effects could be massive.

This is Lindsay's first non-fiction book, but she's certainly no stranger to writing as an accomplished fiction author with 7 published novels.

If you're serious about improving your marketing, this book, which is now available to buy from Amazon, is a must.