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8th Consecutive Year as Chartered Marketer

Lindsay Woodward, Managing Director of marketing consultancy Lindsay Woodward Marketing, has been awarded her 8th consecutive year as a Chartered Marketer.

The Chartered Marketer status, which is awarded by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), requires ongoing dedication to professional development and training, and a commitment to the very highest standards in marketing practice.

Lindsay commented, “I am so proud of achieving another year as a Chartered Marketer. It’s not easy dedicating time to continuous professional development, but I know it’s the best way for me to keep learning, ensuring I offer my clients the best possible advice and service.”

In January 2020, Lindsay was elected as a Fellow of the CIM, and she’s been using that status in a different way this year to help with her Chartered Marketer accreditation.

She added, “Over the past few months, I’ve been mentoring other marketing people through the CIM. Any member of the CIM can request to get help from a fellow marketer, and as I’m an FCIM now with a lot of training and experience behind me, I was happy to put myself forward to support others. I’ve also found this really useful, as every time I’ve helped someone else it’s also made me reflect on my own career and make improvements.”

Lindsay would recommend the CIM to any marketing professional, saying: “Since doing my CIM qualification and becoming a member, my career has soared. I’ve learnt so much and have such great support behind me. If anyone is serious about moving forward with their marketing career, I would highly recommend looking into what the CIM offers.”

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