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We have all heard that it’s an important time to be marketing. But it’s more important that you don’t just do lots of marketing, for real success you must do it right.

The digital world has made marketing easier and more accessible for everyone. But without a strategy and plan that have been built on proper research and facts, businesses can run the risk of becoming white noise and losing the audience they are trying to engage with.

Lindsay Woodward Marketing is encouraging businesses not to just try lots of things in marketing, but instead take the time to reflect, complete some sort of marketing audit and then carve a way forward based on real information.

Lindsay Woodward, Managing Director, says, “One of the biggest issues I see all the time is that marketing activity is executed without any sort of goal. Everything should be purpose driven, with all work aiming to meet an objective. So when you ask yourself why you’re doing this, you should have a very clear answer and know that all your efforts are there to aid this purpose.”

Lindsay Woodward Marketing is encouraging companies to illuminate their marketing. Lindsay explains: “This is about taking a step back to shed some light on what you’ve been doing, and then moving forward in a more informed way. Those who work to a strategy and have a holistic approach to their marketing will always achieve more. It’s not just a coincidence.”

If you’d like more information on how you can illuminate your marketing, speak to us today.

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