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Lindsay Woodward Marketing Enjoys Growth With New Operations Director

Lindsay Woodward Marketing, Leamington Spa based Marketing Strategists and Creative Consultants, has hired a new Operations Director to help further boost growth within the company.

In 2022, Lindsay Woodward Marketing has doubled its turnover, but this sudden growth has put pressure on the business, and Lindsay needed support to keep things afloat.

Lindsay Woodward, Marketing Director, explained: “We set out this year to focus far more on our strategic offering, helping clients who want to grow and bounce back after a difficult couple of years. Strategy is my area of expertise, and we have seen unprecedented interest from businesses who are ready for more this year.

“However, as great as it has been, this sudden growth has put a lot of pressure on us. I was both managing client work and managing the business, and it was just too much. So after working with my local Growth Hub and getting some fantastic advice, I decided to bring in an Operations Director to manage the day to day running of the business, leaving me free to focus on client work.

The decision was made that Mark Woodward, Lindsay’s husband, would join the business.

Lindsay said, “Mark was already helping me in the evenings and at weekends, so he already understood the business. He has also worked as a Scientist for over 30 years, so has an incredible mind for analytics. We both felt that not only could he hit the ground running, but he could introduce a skillset that the company currently doesn’t have. It seemed like the most sensible option to bring him into the business.

“Strategies are built with a scientific approach, and then marketing plans are the creative side. Having this extra level of analytical expertise now in the business is very exciting. He’s already exploring ways to further improve how we support clients.”

Mark officially joined the business on 1st August. He commented, “Lindsay has done an incredible job growing the business so much to date. The boost to the turnover this year was not lucky. She is a highly talented marketer that cares so much about clients. I am really looking forward to supporting the business and seeing where we can take it in the future. I already have quite a few ideas!”

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