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Lindsay Woodward Publishes First Marketing Book

Our Managing Director, Lindsay Woodward, has just published her first marketing book: “How to Write an Effective Marketing Plan.”

Released on 4th January, Lindsay wrote this book following conversations that she’d had with many business owners that just didn’t know what marketing activities to execute. It’s a guide for SMEs that want more marketing success.

Lindsay said, “One of the questions I get asked all the time is what marketing activity is most effective. The truth is that there isn’t one definite approach. Marketing has to be tailored to each individual business. My new book explains to people how to find the approach that will work for them.”

Lindsay is no stranger to writing books. She already has 7 published novels. Her fiction work covers a range of love stories with either a supernatural or sci-fi twist, but this marketing book is her first non-fiction release.

Lindsay added, “I’ve always had a great love of writing. I even studied it at university. It’s how I ended up in marketing, as I wanted a career that utilised my skills and passion. Therefore writing a marketing book just seemed to make sense.”

Lindsay has been working in marketing for nearly 20 years, she’s a Chartered Marketer and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, therefore she knows her craft very well. All of her books are available to buy from Amazon.

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