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Networking With Local Businesses

At Lindsay Woodward Marketing we understand the importance for supporting local businesses and that is why Managing Director Lindsay Woodward plays an active role in two local networking groups.

Lindsay is the Group Leader of 4Networking Rugby Lunch and is the current chairperson of RIBN (Rugby Independent Business Network).

“Networking isn’t just about meeting businesses that you can sell to,” Lindsay explains. “I have built relationships with suppliers and have learnt a great deal from peers. Running a business is not easy and these groups have become supportive networks for me.”

Trust is very important in business and Lindsay places a great deal of emphasis on forging strong relationships with other fellow business people. “I have a lot of experience and training but it would be easy for anyone to say that. I like to get out there and prove to people that I know what I’m talking about. I offer advice about marketing to anyone I meet at a networking event, just as other people have given me advice and support in return.”

If you’re based in Warwickshire and are interested in learning more about local networking events, please do get in touch. We always love to hear from local businesses.

Although Lindsay Woodward Marketing is based in Warwickshire and feels strongly about supporting local events, the company supports clients all over the country.

Picture by Mark Varney

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