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Squeezing the Life Out of Content

You may have heard the term “repurposing content”. But I like to go a few steps further than that. For every bit of content I create, I always find how to squeeze the life out of it. Let me explain.

A piece of content can be a treasure. If you’ve written something well or presented a fantastic video, then you’ll want people to see it. It can help you to get more customers. But I find many people are worrying all the time about new content, believing they need to keep pushing out lots of content rather than realising that a few bits of content used wisely can be a far more powerful thing. And it’s also less time consuming.

So whether it’s a blog, an ebook, a video, or anything else, when you’ve got a great piece of content, what are you going to do with it? My answer: everything you can possibly think of! Squeeze the life out of it. Here are some suggestions:

  • Share it on social media – and maybe several times. Then don’t be afraid to share it again 6-12 months down the line when people will have forgotten about it

  • Put it on your website – this is the home of your marketing so should contain everything you do

  • Add a post about it on your Google My Business page

  • Can you get some more content out of it, like write a press release about your video or ebook? How can you use this idea as the starting point to generate more materials? Can you turn your video into a blog, or your blog into a video?

  • Could you do a talk based on this content? Turn it into a PowerPoint and book yourself a speaking slot at a networking group?

  • Have you sent it out in your newsletter? Have you emailed clients to tell them about it?

  • Could you send out a direct mailer announcing this great new ebook or educational video?

  • If it’s an educational piece, would anyone else be interested in sharing it? Local press? The Chamber of Commerce? An official industry body?

  • Could you offer a workshop or training session utilising the copy?

  • Get on the phone – is this something that might be of interest to those prospective clients and could sharing that this new content is available be a convenient reason for that catch up call?

I know some elements here suggest creating what may seem like new content, but it’s not really. You’re using the same ideas, practically the same words, but you’re just putting them in a different format. I do it all the time. Coming up with powerful pieces of content in the first place is the hardest thing. Sharing it out in as many places as possible, using as many channels as you can, and reaching as many people as you can manage is relatively easy. You never have to produce anything completely new. Just use the same idea and keep giving it a fresh face.

If you had a press release, a blog, a video, a series of social media posts, an ebook and a presentation all ready to go, surely you’d think that was really good? But you might have thought all of that would be five pieces of content. But it can all be one idea used in lots of different ways. Get creative and have fun with it.

Get a really good idea and squeeze the life out of it. It could transform how you reach people.

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