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The A-Z of Must Dos in Marketing

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

If you’re looking for some quick tips on how you could improve different aspects of your marketing, here is my A-Z guide of things you should definitely consider.

A for Authentic – Trust is hugely important in any relationship, and we’re far more likely to buy from someone we trust. So whatever you do in marketing, make sure it’s authentic. That’s from the tone of voice to how honest you are with your customers. People will see through anything else.

B for Branding – People often confuse branding with logos. Your brand is everything you are and stand for. This includes your values, your approach, and your look and feel. Making some well researched and firm decisions that penetrate through all your marketing will give you a professional and authentic outlook.

C for Consistent – Chopping and changing is detrimental in marketing. Not only does it decrease trust, but people will struggle to buy into you if they can’t ascertain who you are and what you’re about. Make some firm decisions and then stick to them. Even if you realise later that you could improve things, changing can have a far more negative effect.

D for Differentiate – You don’t have to have a long list of USPs in today’s market to stand out. It’s better just to work out how you’re different. Every business has a story, so tell yours. Let your audience understand who you are, what value you offer and why you’re so good at what you do. Becoming three dimensional will have a greater effect than producing a banal list of features and benefits.

E for Engaging – Don’t spend your time selling. In today’s world, the less you sell the more you’ll end up selling, as people want to be engaged with. So whatever you do, make it interesting and engaging and you’ll capture your audience’s attention.

F for Four Ps – Planning is a vital step in marketing if you really want success. Even if you think you’re doing well, a good marketing plan could take you to the next level. But before you do any planning, do your background research first, and the Four Ps is an excellent tool to help.

G is for Goal Oriented – If you don’t know what you want to achieve, how will you ever achieve it? The act of working towards a goal in itself will give you a much better chance of success. It will help to focus the mind and stop you wasting time on worthless activities.

H for H2H – H2H is Human to Human Marketing. When you’re doing any sort of marketing, remember that you’re not selling to computers or the internet, you’re selling to people. Always keep your approach aimed at a person, don’t get lost in the tech.

I for Internal Communications – Never forget to keep all stakeholders up to date. You can’t have a consistent and authentic approach if people across the company, or people you’re working closely with, don’t have a clue what that approach is.

J for Joined Up – Too many people think in terms of channels. They’ll focus on getting something on social media, then their website, then a blog etc. Instead, decide on a message or activity and then work out which channels will be best to showcase that message. This creates a joined up approach, tying your channels together. The benefits to this are numerous.

K for Knowledge – Know your audience. Don’t guess. Don’t focus on one “avatar” and then forget about everyone else who could influence your sales or could give you smaller but more regular income. Learn about all the people who could buy from you and make informed decisions on the best way forward.

L for Logical – The scattergun approach is very easy in marketing. But it’s costly, takes up a great deal of time and rarely provides real results. Instead, be logical. Learn about your market, develop a strong foundation and only do the tasks that are actually going to render results. Everything else is a waste of time.

M for Multi-Channel – There is a lot of evidence that proves the more channels you use, the better chance of success. Therefore explore every single option you have to get your brand and message out there, and utilise as many ways as possible. But only use relevant channels. Don’t advertise in places where your audience won’t be looking. It’s a complete waste of time and effort.

N for Not Just Digital – Promoting your business online is easy and accessible. However, people spend a great deal of their time outside of the digital world too, and these places are far less noisy. Think outside the box and you might find some fantastic opportunities.

O for Objectivity – It’s too easy to become too close to your own business, whether you run it or you’re an employee. So always take a step back and make sure your plans are as objective as possible. The more you can walk in your customers’ shoes, the better you’ll resonate with them.

P for Personality – Trust, authenticity, branding and being engaging: the easiest way to master all of these is to give your company some personality. Make it come to life and your customers will find it much easier to buy into you.

Q for Querying – Don’t just send your marketing out there and hope for the best. Query everything. If sales haven’t happened, track back why. If one campaign was a huge success, dig into the data to see exactly what worked. Use Google Analytics, social media analytics, press cuttings, online advertising stats – absolutely anything you can get your hands on. The more you understand, the more you can improve things moving forward.

R for Relationships – We buy from companies we know, like and trust. Business is all about relationships. So think about the customer journey and how you can strengthen your relationships with your customers at every step of the way.

S for Strategic – Marketing is like building a house. If you don’t have a solid foundation then everything else will fall apart. Therefore, create a strategy before you do anything else. Who are you going to sell to, what will the message be and what products are you targeting them with? If you follow a strategy, your marketing will be much easier to execute.

T for Timing – Timing is vital. When you’re planning in a new campaign or a new launch, think about when your audience is going to be ready to listen. This can be time of day or time of year. A great campaign could fail if the timing is all wrong.

U for Understanding – The more you understand your market, your audience, your industry and your competitors, the more robust and three dimensional your activity will be. And that is very likely to create much better results.

V for Value – Never fall into the trap of telling someone what you do. Tell them what value you offer them. How are you going to make your customers’ lives easier, how are you going to take away their pain, and what opportunities will working with you open up for them? This is what they really care about.

W for Wow Factor – Before I send out any marketing, I always do the wow factor test. I’m the closest to it and I care about it more than anyone else will. Therefore, if I’m not wowed by it, no one will be. Never settle for “it’s okay”, make everything you do as good as it can possibly be.

X for Explore – Never stop doing your research. Explore your own sales trends, explore the industry, explore what other elements you could add to your portfolio to increase sales. Sitting still will make you stagnant, and it can happen before you know it.

Y for Yardstick – Measure your marketing. Create some goals and then measure to see if you’re meeting them. You can’t improve things if you don’t know how they’re working.

Z for Zeal – Whatever you do in marketing, do it with passion and enthusiasm. It may be that you’ve spent weeks putting that campaign together and you’re bored sick of seeing it, but to the outside world it’s brand new. Passion can be infectious, so give your work some zeal and that alone will help your results.

If you’d like to find out more about any of these elements, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll happily answer any questions you have.

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