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The Power of Words

Choosing the right words can really help your business. Too many people spend ages worrying about design and how to make things look pretty, and then leave the content until the last possible minute and just throw a few words together. But the words you say could actually be the difference between whether you win that customer or not. If you’ve never stopped to consider the power of words, here’s why you should.

Our world is changing faster than ever. This means how we market to our customers and prospects has to change with it. What we’ve got today is a noisier society than ever before, with vast amounts of content for people to digest, and huge distractions everywhere we look. There’s no way we can absorb everything around us. Therefore marketing needs to stand out. But it’s how we make it stand out that’s important.

I do regular training with the Chartered Institute of Marketing. I was on a course recently where we were told: “The more you market, the less successful your marketing will be.” What they meant was that fighting for someone’s attention by just talking at them lots takes up a huge amount of your time, but actually the messages you want to convey don’t get heard. They might get noticed, but they don’t get heard, and there’s a huge difference.

So it’s that old thing of work smarter not harder. But this is actually a good thing because you can do less marketing and get more out of it. Win win.

The first step is to find a voice that resonates with your customers. Then use this to build trust and connect with them. However, there is only one way to do this successfully. You need to stop telling people what you do and instead demonstrate the value you’re offering them. Everything you do in the marketing world has to be benefit driven. You need to take your audience on a journey of how you can help them.

Today’s marketing needs to be about show not tell.

Show Not Tell

We don’t listen to what we’re being told very often. It’s human nature. We believe what we see first, way before we believe what we’re told. For example, if I said I was a very funny person, you wouldn’t believe me until I made you laugh. If I told you I was deeply upset about something, you’d wait to see me cry before you started to sympathise.

Therefore, when you’re marketing, if you think your brand is friendly and knowledgeable, never ever tell people that. Just be friendly and show knowledge in everything you do. People will start to connect with your brand more when they realise you’re easy to work with and you can be trusted because you know what you’re talking about.

Your Brand

I challenge you to look at the words that describe your business. How much do you show and how much do you tell? How could you bring to life the way you promote yourself? How can you not tell your audience what you do it but instead show them why you’re doing it and why it should matter to them?

You don’t need to spend days and days doing tons of marketing. Find the heart of the value that you can offer to your customers and then find a way to get that message to them. A single, effective, benefit driven message will be far more successful for you than hammering home lots of different meaningless messages just to get your digital footprint up.

The most successful marketers don’t focus on digital marketing algorithms. The best marketers deal with people. Think of your audience first, not the channel you’re using to reach your audience. That’s the true secret to modern day copywriting.

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