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Top Marketing Myths

I’ve worked in marketing for nearly 20 years and I absolutely love it. But I’ve been told many negative things about marketing, and I find people tend to either not like doing it, or not like that it’s even a job in itself. To kickstart 2022, I thought I’d share with you the top marketing myths that I have frequently been told and why they’re simply not true. I want to give you more of an idea of how marketing can actually help your business and why you should be paying attention to it.

1. Marketing spends the money, sales makes it

Many organisations don’t optimise on the power of sales and marketing working seamlessly together. I work mainly in the B2B world. I’ve rarely ever spoken to a customer, and I’ve certainly never sold them anything directly. But through my time I’ve passed on thousands of leads to sales people, making it easier for them to convert. As a general rule, sales people speak to one person at a time, but marketing people can speak to the whole world instantly. You need that blend to find success.

Whether you work on your own or you’re one of 500 employees, the process is the same. Do the marketing work so your customers are aware of you, then speak to them as a sales person and get them to buy. Without the right balance, it just won’t work well.

2. How can marketing be a full time job? What do they do all day?

I find that people don’t often understand what marketing actually is. Yes, we do look after websites, create brochures and fiddle about on social media, but we also do market research, set pricing strategies, help with product development, and we also support internal communications and staff morale. If you work for a larger organisation, the marketing department is probably responsible for far more of what happens in the business than you realise.

3. Marketing is about communicating to customers

As detailed in point 2, we do far more than just communicate to customers. Marcomms (marketing communications) is just one element of marketing. Most marketing teams support other departments in one way or another, such as product development, technical, customer service, HR and of course sales. I’ve worked closely with all of these departments to help shape how the company can become more profitable.

4. It’s better to make a profit than have a big marketing budget

Profit is always a good thing. But if you invest some of that profit back into marketing, you could have even more profit next year. If you work to a strategy and plan and you make sure everything is targeted on reaching your objectives, you should never be wasting marketing budget.

5. Marketing people make you want to buy things that you don’t need to buy

I have met a lot of people through my career that have told me outright that they don’t like marketing people. And their reasoning is that us marketing people manipulate them. I can’t deny that there is a level of manipulation in the job, but there’s far more to it than that. I ask these people what they like to do. What is their favourite food, what are there hobbies, where do they like to visit? Without us marketing people, they would be far less informed on the things that matter to them. Marketing gives us information and choice. I think that’s a great thing.

If you’re the sort of person who complains about adverts, imagine if there were no adverts at all. How would you know what was available, what was on offer, what was happening in your local area?

Marketing has its place in this world, but it’s far more effective when it works in the natural environment of your audience, rather than this fashionable idea of ‘disruption’ which you may have come across. That can just be irritating.

The Wow Factor

If you work in marketing or do your own marketing, it should be exciting. I always say to my team, if we’re not wowed by it and we care about it more than anyone else, then how are our customers going to be excited by it? If you’re not enjoying it, it’s not right. Find a way to make it more interesting. Find a way to get passionate about it. How you feel about it will reflect down to how your customers will feel about it, so make it count.

If this has inspired you to take another look at your marketing, then let’s book in some time to have a chat.

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