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What to Consider for 2022

As a Chartered Marketer, I have to stay up to date with my marketing training. I regularly attend marketing webinars, seminars and conferences, and I follow a lot of articles from the big achievers in the industry.

This year, the biggest event I attended was the Festival of Marketing. It was four days packed with the most fantastic content covering all aspects of marketing – including things that you may not even realise fall under the marketing banner. Marketing is about way more than just communication.

However, across all the sessions, one quote really stuck in my mind. Someone said that they thought “99.9% of content is completely valueless.”

I absolutely loved this statement. And I completely agree. Too many people, across businesses of all sizes, create content for the sake of creating content. But quite simply: if you’re not sure why you’re posting it, then no one is going to be sure why they’re reading it.

The pandemic has made more people than ever look to the online world to run their business, and more people than ever are doing online marketing. It’s easy, very cost effective and you can track just about everything. Why wouldn’t you be online? But just because it’s easy to post, it doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be driven by a really good marketing strategy. In fact, posting without a strategy could actually do your business more harm than good. If you become an irritant or are viewed as boring, that can be worse that not being seen at all.

Marketing is time consuming. There’s no getting around that. But before you think that it’s better to post something than nothing at all, consider whether you’re joining the other 99% and posting meaningless content that has no value to anyone. Are you really wasting the opportunity to talk to your audience, or are you grasping it with both hands and maximising every chance you get?

As you think about your 2022 plans, here are my top tips for how you could make your content that little bit more valuable.

1. What is it your customers actually want? Are you selling something that doesn’t interest them or are you fulfilling a need? With every piece of communication, try to find the key part of it that will mean something to your audience. How can you give your customers something that’s useful? Whether it’s knowledge, a discount, top tips, insight, opinion or just entertainment, it must appeal to your customers in some shape or form or they’re never going to be interested

2. Personalisation is still one of the biggest buzz words in marketing. Do some research and find out what makes your customers tick. Speak in their language and make it all about them. It will automatically give you a better chance of a response

3. Even if you’ve got a small budget, you can still have big ideas. Don’t be afraid to be creative. It’s not the reality that counts, it’s how customers perceive you

4. Use a consistent campaign message throughout your marketing that speaks directly to your customers. Having that consistent approach will help people identify with you more

5. Have a think about corporate social responsibility and what your company can stand for. It’s much harder for people to connect with you if you’re bland. Be bold and do amazing things

I’ll be touching on all of these topics in much more depth through 2022. So if you’d like to learn more about how you could improve your marketing, then please look out for my monthly newsletters, or sign up if you haven’t already.

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