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Strategy & Planning

Strategy & Planning

Marketing activity should never be executed without a strategy and plan. It's like building a house without foundations. It will just fall apart.
All of our marketing plans use our unique "9 Areas of the Marketing Mix" approach that has been devised by Lindsay Woodward. This ensures that a broad scope of channels are utilised, which will provide a far greater chance of success. Many marketing plans fail as the focus is to narrow. Our style of planning ensures we won't fall into that trap.
How it Works

The first step is to break down areas to provide objective viewpoints on what is happening in the market and within your company. The following areas are reviewed in the Audit:


  • An understanding of the business's key objectives

  • What is happening in the industry and how that may affect sales – positively or negatively

  • Customer analysis and insight

  • Competitor research

  • Product analysis

  • Internal review

Once this has been completed it is then easy to identify the best way forward. From here, the following work will be produced:

  • A Marketing Strategy - looking at who is best to target, with what services or products, and what the key messages should be

  • A Marketing Plan – a plan of action that will utilise all the lessons learnt in the audit and will recommend activity to help you reach your key objectives

Our Marketing Director, Lindsay Woodward, was elected as a Fellow of the CIM in 2020, and this is only possible when you have proven that you have created winning strategies. It's at the heart of what we do, and our unique approach to strategy and planning has enabled us to support many businesses in achieving significant growth.



Your brand is how people connect with you, and it needs to represent your business in the right way.


Words are one of our greatest passions. We are never short of ideas and we can help you shape fantastic content, whatever the medium or channel.

Graphic Design

Bring your marketing visually to life with our graphic design services.