The Collective

Extra Support When You Need It Most

The Collective is designed to help busy marketing teams, and those new to marketing, to gain additional support as and when they need it.

A collaboration of PR and marketing specialists that offer flexible, freelance support so that you can grow your team without the additional cost and commitment of hiring fulltime staff.

Outsourced support for everything from:

  • Marketing strategy

  • Social media management

  • SEO

  • Email marketing

  • Content creation

  • PR campaigns

  • Design and photography

What We Do

Whether you are looking to grow and starting your marketing department or you have an inhouse team but need support with particular skills or additional time and resources, we offer flexible, affordable marketing and communications that gets results.


How We Work

Run by marketing specialist Lindsay Woodward Marketing and award-winning PR and content creator Creative Word PR, The Collective brings together highly skilled individuals able to offer a full-service marketing package.

Benefit from flexible and varied expertise with no need to pay additional training and staff costs such as holiday and sick pay

or pensions.


Getting the right level of support should be simple. Sometimes you aren’t ready to take on an additional full time role, or you

need specialist support to add to an existing team.

Why can’t expert, professional marketing and PR be available at every stage in your business?


Strategy & Planning

Working from a strategy and plan will give you a much greater chance of success.


Your brand is how people connect with you, and it needs to represent your business in the right way.

Graphic Design

Bring your marketing visually to life with our graphic design services.